The service I received from you guys is exceptional. The watch we have expected and seen on your web site is the same what we received. All the best and I will again shop with you

-- I. Popovic, Australia (Aug 2016)

I received my watch yesterday. It looks amazing ... many thanks.

-- P. Willemse, Australia (Oct 2016)

Yes your delivery was excellent, in fact too quick as I was away the day you tried to deliver! I only read the email about the delivery when I got home (after the event!) I phoned the robot and rescheduled the next day, all good, oh yes the watch keeps good time (this is the

-- L. elcome, Australia (Aug 2016)

I received this today, it looks amazing, shopping with you was very easy and efficient. Much Appreciated!

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I just received my watch today and I love it! Great experience buying from you, you are one of the very best sellers I have ever done business with, not only offer the best price but also excellent customer service and one of the fastest deliveries. Thank you so much

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Please excuse my late reply. I have been wearing my new watch for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it. My experience dealing with your business was excellent. Your price, for the watch I was looking for, was the lowest I could find, and I was blown away by the fact that you

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I have worked in IT&T with International companies for over 45 years. I am absolutely positively amazed at the quality of your website, ordering and supply chain management system. From order to international delivery was 27 hours! At each stage of the process I knew where my order was in the supply chain. I have

-- N. Docherty, Australia (Sep 2016)

Shipping was fast and efficient. Customer service was superb.

-- F. Chan, Australia (Sep 2016)

Thanks guys, Firstly I can't believe how quickly I received my watch, I'm blown away that you got it from Singapore to me in Australia in 2 DAYS!!! And that’s with free postage as well Item was as promised well packed and in perfect condition when it arrived - even had the correct date and

-- Anthony, Australia (Aug 2016)

Awesome watch thanks guys! And such quick delivery too! Living in Darwin it normally takes a week even for express delivery but two days, I'm very impressed! Thanks again 🙂

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Really happy with the service provided, was able to track the order the whole way and can't believe I got it lunch time on Monday from a Saturday order. The watch is excellent and just as advertised. I'm happy that the watch is legit. Again excellent service and really happy.

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