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Category Archives: Hamilton

Hamilton Watches – Swiss Precision Combined with Innovative Design


Born in the United States, brought up in Switzerland, since its inception in 1892, the Hamilton watch brand has created a robust name for itself in the watch making industry. Hamilton makes mid-range Swiss made watches that speak of superior quality and innovative designs. Over the years, nay a century, the Hamilton brand has created history with a number of firsts to its credit that have set the trends in the watch making industry. Hamilton introduced the first pocket watch in 1912 titled “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy”. In 1914 Hamilton began producing watches for the servicemen of the US…

Basics Of Watch-Wearing Or, Is There Anything As Such?


There’s the lot that loves to live by the rules and there are some who are absolute mavericks, defying conventional wisdom, guidelines and taboos and riding bareback. It’s up to you who you want to follow but let’s face the fact: Mavericks are born and not made! Even if you bring in the question of transformation, you must know that the element must stay present; you can’t turn an absolute homebody into an avid rider moving ahead full throttle, disappearing into the horizon. Watch wearing is kinda same. So, when questions like “…below the wristbone or above it?” or …”above…