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Invicta I-Force 28743 Quartz Chronograph 100M Men’s Watch

Online shopping has taken off in a big way especially in the past year or so with the pandemic situation keeping most of us indoors. Sellers advertise their products online at heavily marked down prices tempting customers to make the purchase. It was probably one of those ads that pop up while surfing the net or visiting social media sites where I saw the Invicta brand of watches. And let me tell you, I love my watches and am proud to say that I own a small collection of well-designed, good quality timepieces.  The Invicta brand was not exactly a…

Invicta Angel 30931 Quartz Diamond Accents Women’s Watch


With Valentine’s day round the corner, time to impress my significant other. We are back to those times in the year when most of us go hunting for presents. And so, it was online surfing this year to find a suitable gift for Carrie, my wife and partner for more than a decade. Each Valentine’s day a bunch of red roses is my usual gift. This time I wanted to surprise her with something special. Perhaps one of those exquisite bracelets could do the trick? Or a pretty, designer watch? I settled in favour of a watch – I knew…

Invicta Lefty Force Chronograph Techymeter 1513 Men’s Watch What’s special about it?


The Invicta Lefty Force Chronograph Techymeter 1513 Men’s Watch bears with any other watch don’t take more than a moment to be spotted. Unlike other watches, it has its crown and chronograph pushers on the left side, which makes it easier to be worn on the right wrist; but more than that, it is an insurance against damages that can occur accidentally to the crown and the pushers if your grip slips underwater. About the looks The Invicta Lefty Force Chronograph Techymeter 1513 Men’s Watch combines style with superior functionality and extraordinary ruggedness, creating one of the most striking timepieces…

INV8926OB- Invicta Automatic Pro Diver 200m Black Dial Men’s Watch

INV8926OB - Invicta

Watch snobs almost across the world hate the Invicta Pro Diver. not any of their reasons are more profound than “it’s low-priced, and looks like a Rolex Submariner.” Both of those things are true to an degree. First , the Invicta Pro Diver Automatic is rather economical. However, there are other watches in the same worth and functionality group that you can get for cheaper. Second up, yes it does look like a Rolex Submariner. Once you get past the big INVICTA machined into the watch body, the Invicta logo on the watch face, and Invicta cross on the crown,there…