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Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch

My husband Jack usually goes walking in the morning as a part of his daily exercise routine. His 70th birthday is just round the corner in January. Jack is extremely health conscious and doesn’t like to miss his early morning walks. Usually, I accompany him but yesterday I was feeling under the weather and so Jack went walking alone. Returning from his walk, he went to freshen up and I heard a loud exclamation of dismay. “Ruth,” he called, “my wrist watch is missing. Seems like I lost it somewhere.” Possibly the leather strap had given away and the watch…

Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch

The Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch proffers a simple design, suggestive of the simple lifestyle that was the norm a few decades ago. The thought came to mind as I searched for a simple, everyday watch with as little complications as possible. It was for my father; his old wristwatch had gone to the repairers a week ago. My father spends most of his time tending to the garden in his backyard. Last week he had a minor accident in the garden and broke his wristwatch as a result. It was an old timepiece in good working condition…

Nixon Brand of Watches

My son was due to join university soon and I wanted to give him a good quality watch that could also serve as a trendy accessory for the hectic lifestyle of a University student. A lot of brands out there create fashion watches; I came across Michael Kors, Fossil, Diesel and many more. I was looking for an all-American watch brand and came across Nixon. Nixon is a popular American brand that makes wrist watches to fit personal styles and tastes of the youth. The brand’s aim was to create comfortable watches that kept up with the current fashion trends…