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Orient Ray II Automatic Power Reserve 200M FAA02005D9 Men’s Watch

Although deep sea diving is not my idea of adventure, I love the sturdy dive watches that usually form an essential part of diving gear. Dive watches are clear and readable with large markers and water resistant to great depths. Some of the dive watches out there are easily beyond the budget of the average person although, some famous watch brands make them in a very affordable price range. Take for instance the Orient Ray II Automatic Power Reserve 200M FAA02005D9 Men’s Watch – it has earned the title of being the most affordable luxury dive watch. From the several…

Orient Bambino Version 4 Classic Automatic FAC08004D0 AC08004D Men’s Watch

The Orient, one the World’s most famous watch brands, manufacturers watches designed to cater to every personality. They have watches for people with simple personalities and they have watches designed for Kings. Of course, some kings like to live simple lives. The Orient Bambino Version 4 Classic Automatic FAC08004D0 AC08004D Men’s Watch is a sophisticated watch with a simple dial face. On the face of it, all it seems to do is to display the time and date accurately. But inside the case, is Orient’s famous automatic self-winding mechanism. Once you set the date, the time and begin wearing the…

Orient Watches – Japanese Craftsmanship and Superb Quality


Orient is one of the well-known Japanese watch making companies that create good quality and reliable timepieces. Its beginnings were in 1950 when it started off as an independent company and created its first wrist watch; the Orient Star in that same year. Although it started off independently, Orient is currently owned by Seiko Epson which is the world’s biggest manufacturer of computer printers and imaging equipment and again, it is a well-respected brand by itself. Orient manufactures its watch movements in-house, keeping up with their mission to offer high-quality and affordable timepieces. Japanese products are well known for their…

Stunning Look and Beautifully Designed Orient M-Force Watches


A higher-end tool watch, the Orient M-Force is often regarded an affordable watch for the serious diver. It will present you with everything you’ll usually find at watches 10 or 20 times its cost. Nobody weeps on one if it breaks and the range has so many amazing products in it, it will make you forget the loss of he previous one. Available for unbelievably low prices, its high quality construction and designs make it hard to believe their low cost. One of the reasons the M-Force stands out from most is it is an entirely, in-house watch; from the…

Aesthetic Styling And Sturdiness Of Orient Men’s Watches


Orient has a great reputation among watch fans and even the entry level Orient gets a place in a serious watch collection. They are reasonably priced mechanicals, sometimes even with a 99.9907%accuracy! But we are discuss technicality later; let’s focus on the styling and esthetics for now. For some people, their love for Orient watches in general, is purely aesthetic. It is fact that unless you like the way it looks you are not going to wear it. But Orient does this without compromising on its other aspects. They make every Orient watch wearable and appreciable too. Their nifty features,…

Exceptional Quality of Stunning Orient Automatic Watches


Orient Watch Company has been consistent with delivering an exceptional quality along with stunning looks ever since its beginning in 1950. Over six decades of expertise has bettered their quality, cost and accuracy but more than everything, it’s their reputation for excellence! This trustworthiness and affordability comes due to the manufacturer putting in the money behind labs and researches, contrary to many other costlier ones spending on advertisements and marketing. The finish and design of the Orient watches exceeds a customer’s needs, demands and their expectations beyond, becoming the best economic diver to a large demographic of users. The exceptional…

Extremely Reliable and Affordable Orient Mako Automatic watches


Some love the Orient Mako simply because it’s totally Japanese; some for its in-house movements and some for its affordability, which all boils down to the same thing – All these people admire high-end technology, exclusivity and inexpensiveness and often with features that turn a boring job fun. For example, in certain Orient Mako-s, you don’t pull the crown out and turn it to change the date, there’s a push-button to get it done. This comes handy when months have 28, 29 and 31 days, or when you have not worn it for a few days at a stretch. Among…

The Splendid Look And Enriching Experience Of Orient M-Force Automatic Watches


Orient M-Force Automatic watches gives you the impression of a sort of combination of multiple watches when you buy one. What really sets the M-Force apart is Orient’s use of sapphires (almost a rarity at the price point at which it is offered) besides mineral crystals; dial designs, material quality and colour combinations much, much better than what you get in watches in the class and upgraded hardware like solid links for the bracelet. The movements really need no mention, since Orient has a longstanding goodwill for providing the best in the category and are always on the quest for…


Every now and then, you might be wondering why Orient watch have been turning heads and stopping hearts since time immemorial. Well, darling, it’s a tale of design, craftsmanship, and impeccable attention to detail that few can rival. So, hop aboard the style train as we uncover what makes Orient’s Classic Collection the Godfather of watchmaking. Now, let’s not get too lost in admiration and remember that we’ve got other stops on our journey. A whirlwind tour delving into the Orient’s majestic realm of chronometers, from the irresistible Kamasu series to the iconic Mako 3 watches. The Alluring Beauty: Kamasu…

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