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The Ultimate Guide to Premium Seiko Automatic Watches for Men, Showcasing Models like Seiko 5 SNXS79, Seiko Padi Automatic and More

Alright, watch enthusiasts, gather around; it’s time for some history lesson! Way back in 1881, Seiko began its life as a humble watch and jewelry shop in Tokyo. Over a century later, it had evolved faster than a cheetah on steroids and was making everything from nifty wall clocks to grandiose pocket watches.

Seiko – The Trusted Japanese Watch Brand

Seiko, the world-renowned Japanese watch brand has been known to consistently produce some of the best quality watches since 1881. The term ‘Seiko’ stands for exquisite and the company has kept up with its goal of producing exquisite watches for more than a century. Wrist watches make a personal style statement. Each one of us has our own definition of style but good quality is defined by durability of the watch, which is again identified by the quality of the components. Seiko uses the best quality components and most of their watches are assembled inhouse which says everything about their…

Seiko: Most Interesting Yet Most Overlooked


For those with several thousands of dollars to spare, buying a watch is hardly an issue. The rest of us, at least for once in our lifetime, have faced this problem and to keep things under our grip, often ended up buying something big and blingy of little or no substantial value. Often, the price paid is way more than what it should actually have been, but alas, then you are too late. You are not to blame. In a world of numerous watch brands, it’s easy to get carried away; more so, when a plethora of jazzy monstrosities are…