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Oakley Fives Squared Polished Black OO9238-923804-54 Unisex Sunglasses

The bright and sunny early morning sun felt good on the skin as I cycled along the country road leading to the river. Today was my first cycling trip in a very long time. The covid pandemic has effectively kept us indoors for more than a year. The situation has improved now with everything opening up and life returning to some sort of normalcy. The awesome weather had prompted me to go for today’s early morning cycling trip. The return journey however, became a bit hot and tiring; besides, I had neglected to wear sunglasses and the bright sun glare…

Keeping Out the Glare with Stylish Sunglasses

The headaches seemed to be getting worse as the days passed. I attributed it to eye strain caused from sitting long hours staring at the computer screen. My yearly visit to the ophthalmologist was long overdue – the pandemic has taken over our lives and hugely messed with schedules. Working from home, conducting Zoom meetings, making the most of dodgy internet connectivity is the new normal. For me it has been a year of working from home where I find myself staring at computer screens or mobile phone screens for most part of the day. While there is a good…