Cluse Watches for Women: Affordable Elegance


Along with the clothes, accessories define the style and a wrist watch is a major part of a woman’s fashion style. Cluse the company, know this well as can be seen from their watch designs for women – they are each an embodiment of feminine simplicity. These are finely crafted timepieces that are subtle in design yet stunningly beautiful.

The Cluse brand makes women’s watches like a classy piece of expensive jewellery. Don’t be fooled by the simple design of a Cluse Watch – it is far from being plain – it in fact creates a statement that speaks chic and grace. The Cluse brand believes in finding beauty in simplicity – the timepieces convey a sense of being sophisticated.  There’s nothing frivolous about the Cluse watch but it’s all about being supremely focussed on things that matter.

The devil is in the details… and when it comes to dressing up, women are very particular about the little details that bring together their whole ensemble to present their persona to the world out there.

At the moment, Cluse is one of the most popular and talked about women’s watch brand and rightly so. The reason for this popularity is because this beautiful minimalistic designed watch adorns the wrists of many a celebrity and famously fashionable ladies. Cluse ladies’ watches are not only elegant; they are high quality pieces that are extremely affordable.

The clean, neat and uncluttered dial of the Cluse La Boheme Quartz Analog Women’s Watch grabs your attention; paired with a pretty rose-pink leather strap this elegant timepiece is not only visually pleasing, it will go with any outfit for any occasion. It is available in white and black dial colours.

The Cluse Minuit Quartz Analog Women’s watch comes in three variants namely white dial with stainless steel case, black dial with rose gold case and white dial with rose gold case. You have a choice of pink, grey, tan and blue leather straps. This is another beautiful piece from Cluse that is neutral enough to go with any outfit.

Cluse La Roche Quartz Women’s Watch with the white marble dial and black hour, minute and seconds hands are an epitome of simplicity. Pairing with a black leather strap only highlights the simplicity of this charming timepiece.

So, ladies (and gents wanting to buy a gift), what are you waiting for – go online and order the exclusive Cluse watch today! Priced between $100 to $150, every Cluse watch is affordable and great value for money. Cluse brand celebrates uniqueness and womanhood. They have a diverse range of watches that use luxurious materials and are well crafted, certainly appealing to the sensibilities of the cultured, urbane women.

Cluse watches are available in diverse case colours and different strap materials and colours. From velvet to leather straps and marble to dalmatian dials, there is a Cluse watch to suit every woman’s style. Get yours here at

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