Fashionable Watches from Michael Kors

Fashionable Watches from Michael Kors

The Michael Kors is a women’s fashion label producing bags, accessories, ready-to-wear apparel and much more. The company forayed into the watch making industry in 2004 by partnering with the Fossil group to design, develop and manufacture the Michael Kors range of watches.  When you purchase a Michael Kors watch you are getting a Fossil watch because all Michael Kors watches are created in the manufacturing facilities of the Fossil Group.

Michael Kors has built up a good reputation of its own in the fashion industry. The brand creates high-end, luxury items that look classy and fashionable. This trait is carried on to the Michael Kors watches. Since the brand concentrates on women’s fashion, it is not surprising to find that most of the watches are designed keeping the ladies in mind.

Several models of the Michael Kors wristwatches are specifically designed for women. However, you do find a sizable number of models for the gents as well, and the good news is that Michael Kors is planning to expand on the men’s watch offerings very soon. Being a fashion label, Michael Kors does know how to create attractive designs that would appeal to the fashion-conscious folks out there. Although they may not be the best crafted watches in the industry, they surely make some stylish timepieces for women.

All this information was good enough for me, as I was looking for a classy but stylish wrist watch for my friend who is a fashion-conscious lady. Going online, I came across, an Australian website selling some classy, fashionable and branded wristwatches. The site has a good collection of the Michael Kors women’s watches. From among the numerous models on display, the Michael Kors Sofie MK 3881 Quartz Women’s Watch seemed like the right choice. For someone with a style conscious perspective like my friend, the Michael Kors Sofie could easily match all the other fashionable items that make up her wardrobe.

The Michael Kors Sofie has a beautiful look. The gold dial is perfectly complemented by the gold-toned stainless-steel case. The bezel is highlighted with tiny diamonds that give an impression of wearing jewellery. The hour markers are intricately designed flowers centred with diamonds. Roman numerals denoting the 6 and 12 o’clock positions only add to the overall elegance of this timepiece. The diamond design embedded in the bezel continues on to gold toned steel bracelet completing the stylish look. I thought the Michael Kors Sofie Quartz was the perfect gifting idea, so I went ahead and got the piece from, at a discount. It was shipped in a nice box and arrived 3 days later. If you’re looking for a wristwatch, check out more models of the Michael Kors or other brands at the website and get a timepiece of your choice today.

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