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Hamilton Watches – Swiss Precision Combined with Innovative Design


Born in the United States, brought up in Switzerland, since its inception in 1892, the Hamilton watch brand has created a robust name for itself in the watch making industry. Hamilton makes mid-range Swiss made watches that speak of superior quality and innovative designs. Over the years, nay a century, the Hamilton brand has created history with a number of firsts to its credit that have set the trends in the watch making industry.

  • Hamilton introduced the first pocket watch in 1912 titled “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy”.
  • In 1914 Hamilton began producing watches for the servicemen of the US Army.
  • In 1918 the Hamilton watch was on board the first American Airmail Service.
  • Pilots of the first flight from California to Hawaii in 1927 wore Hamilton watches, the brand thus entering the aviation industry.
  • During the World War II in 1942, Hamilton began supplying timepieces to the Armed Forces.
  • In 1957, Hamilton introduced the Ventura, the first electrical battery powered watch.
  • In 1972 Hamilton produced the first digital electronic watch, the Pulsar.

The Hamilton Watch company was bought by the Swatch Group in 1974, making it a Swiss made brand. The transition was complete when the Hamilton Watch Company shifted its offices and manufacturing facility to Bienne, Switzerland.

Hamilton watches are not classified as luxury watches; however, they offer some of the best luxury designs combined with superior craftsmanship. The timepieces embody the spirit of adventure – they are designed keeping in mind the diver or the aviator. The Hamilton Khaki Field watch was meant for the army servicemen while the Khaki Aviation series adorned the wrists of pilots and aeronauts. The Hamilton Khaki Navy series was created keeping in mind divers and water sports enthusiasts.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Series offers beautifully designed classic timepieces while the Ventura attracts with the unique shield-shaped dial. Regardless of the model and type, Hamilton makes quality timepieces that are durable, accurate and reliable. As far as affordability is concerned, Hamilton watches are not too expensive or too cheap either. They are in mid-price range that could suit every budget.

A writeup about the Hamilton brand would be incomplete without mention of the brand’s connection with Hollywood. The Hamilton watch made its maiden appearance in Hollywood films in 1932. Ever since, Hamilton watches have appeared in many a Hollywood film adorning the wrists of characters in films like Interstellar, Men in Black and several other productions.

For many of us, owning a Hamilton watch may not exactly be within budget. However, there are several models that may just be within reach, especially if you get a discount on the listed price. And, this is possible with online watch stores.  Visit https://www.downunderwatches.com and you might just find the perfect Hamilton watch within your budget.