ICE Forever Large Quartz 000144 Men’s Watch

Time has never been so colourful before – ever since the Ice Watch was launched in the market in 2007, the world is looking at time in different shades! Trendy, colourful and cool, the Ice Watch has taken fashion to a new level.

Just the other day I was going through my watch collection and I confess I have quite a large collection of ICE watches in all the colours, almost. But white was missing. Ice watches are my favourite brand, they look cool, chic and trendy and like me if you have all the colours the watch can be easily matched to the outfit for the day.

So, getting back to my ICE watch collection, I was missing the white timepiece. An online search revealed that Down Under Watches, the online watch store had it on sale at a discounted price of $150.70.

Ice watches are generally fashion watches whose only aim is to add to your dressing style apart from telling the time of course. The ICE Forever Large Quartz 000144 Men’s Watch is a cool-looking timepiece, fully white right from the dial to the silicone strap. At 44mm case diameter this watch couldn’t be termed as very large and could be worn by the ladies as well, if they’re into large watches.

ICE Forever Large Quartz 000144 Men’s Watch is extremely light weight, thanks to the polyamide case and silicon strap. It is powered by a Japanese quartz movement and the face is covered by a tough and scratch resistant mineral crystal.

The dial of course, is white, with big bold silver hour markers. The seconds markers in black are at the outer edge of the dial. The seconds hand in red lends a touch of colour to the display along with a hint of yellow in the ICE watch logo. The hour and minute hands as well as the markers are luminescent. A date window sits at the 3 o’clock position.

Overall, the ICE-000144 men’s watch is a neat timepiece with a clear and readable dial. The silicone strap ensures it sits comfortably on my wrist. Being a fashion watch, I don’t expect it to have many complicated features. However, it is water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters and wouldn’t be a problem if I wore it on a swim in the pool.

My all-white ICE Forever Large Quartz 000144 Men’s Watch stands out and presents a chic and stunning look. With this piece my collection of ICE watches is complete, although I might pick up another if it sufficiently impresses me. My experience with ICE watches has been great so far. They are reliable and durable watches that keep accurate time. They also make for great gifting ideas, so take your pick from the line-up at