INV8926OB- Invicta Automatic Pro Diver 200m Black Dial Men’s Watch

INV8926OB - Invicta
Watch snobs almost across the world hate the Invicta Pro Diver. not any of their reasons are more profound than “it’s low-priced, and looks like a Rolex Submariner.” Both of those things are true to an degree. First , the Invicta Pro Diver Automatic is rather economical. However, there are other watches in the same worth and functionality group that you can get for cheaper. Second up, yes it does look like a Rolex Submariner. Once you get past the big INVICTA machined into the watch body, the Invicta logo on the watch face, and Invicta cross on the crown,there is no mistaking this watch for a Rolex, although maybe you could make that mistake far across a room. Invicta Automatic Pro Diver 200M Black Dial INV8926OB/8926OB Mens WatchHowever, if you don’t mind an inexpensive watch that superficially resembles a Rolex, there is a lot to enjoy about an Invicta Pro Diver. And if you really want a watch like a Rolex lookalike , you can always get the “Grand Diver” which has scuba bubble heads on the face and band and “Grand Diver” etched into the crown side of the watch just opposite the big “INVICTA” etched into the other side. Therefore, the NH35A is quite a “precise” movement, and the regulator mechanism is essentially a user adjustable lever easily accessible after the case back has been removed. The NH35A is also quite a “rugged” movement. It’s been used in a large number of dive watches with a higher price tag.. Another “good” in the column is that the bezel works and it is rated for deeper depths than recreational divers are certified to go. It’s a 120 click bezel, so more than twice as precise as it needs to be for a dive watch, you don’t time your dive to the thirty second mark or at least I don’t. The bad, it is built to a price point. The bracelet is nothing to write about, but it is functional. The case is a mix of “brushed and polished” which saves built-up costs. However, you can remove and add links to your heart’s satisfaction to size the bracelet to your wrist, although if you transition to a NATO strap you may notice the case area normally hidden by the stock watch band is only roughly finished. The crystal is “flame fusion” which is a simply a name brand for mineral glass. In low light the illume on the hands is usable, the illume on the dial face is mostly not usable. If you were underwater, simply putting the watch in front of your dive light for a few seconds would “charge it up” enough to be usable. Nevertheless, in the 50-dollar price range, there are not any great alternatives. Finally, there are two types of people who buy Invicta watches. People who buy them to use them as a watch, and people who buy them to modify. As a total disclosure, this is the second Invicta Pro Diver watch I have owned. Nevertheless, with the price of an Invicta being so affordable. If there were one thing I would change stylistically about this watch it would be the bezel, as I prefer a bezel that sits higher than the crystal, and eventually this crystal will have to be replaced by a sapphire crystal . Bottom line, if you don’t mind watch snobs being snobby towards your watch, it’s a great buy at 50 bucks. Use it, tinker with it, drive on. If you want something more precise than an automatic movement, but without the hassle of battery changes, solar powered quartz dive watches start just over the price range of a Pro Diver and go up from there.

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