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Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch

My husband Jack usually goes walking in the morning as a part of his daily exercise routine. His 70th birthday is just round the corner in January. Jack is extremely health conscious and doesn’t like to miss his early morning walks. Usually, I accompany him but yesterday I was feeling under the weather and so Jack went walking alone. Returning from his walk, he went to freshen up and I heard a loud exclamation of dismay. “Ruth,” he called, “my wrist watch is missing. Seems like I lost it somewhere.”

Possibly the leather strap had given away and the watch had fallen off without him realizing it. Although old, the watch was working fine and Jack was quite sentimental about it. He tracked back the whole way but didn’t find it. “It’s gone Jack, maybe you should get a new one now” I said. Reluctantly he agreed. “Let’s take a look online, perhaps we can buy the same again?” he said.

Even after several searches we couldn’t find the same watch model that Jack was so fond of. The most similar one we discovered was the Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch.  We found it displayed on many online stores only to find it out of stock. Finally it was available at Downunder Watches at this link: https://www.downunderwatches.com/product/nixon-porter-a1058-1113-00-analog-quartz-mens-watch/ .  Jack was delighted, it gave off an old-world charm similar to his lost watch.

The Nixon A1058 1113 00 is an absolutely simple watch with no complications at all. It showed the time, the only function a timepiece was created for. The silver white dial in the stainless-steel case with simple stainless steel hands is reminiscent of the vintage timepieces of a different era. This Nixon timepiece is just right for the senior folks who prefer to avoid technicalities and complications that are the norm with modern-day watches.

Nixon is an American watch brand known to offer some great looking timepieces designed keeping in mind modern trends. The brand makes fashion watches that are quite affordable. The Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 works on a quartz movement, the stainless steel casing is covered by a scratch resistant mineral crystal.  

The Nixon Porter [A1058-1113-00] is an elegant watch that could be worn with a suit or with smart casuals, but I think Jack would like to wear it every day. Possibly this display of elegance has something to do with the beautiful brown leather strap. As there are no extra features, the watch dial is clear and uncluttered. All the more easier to read the time.

Satisfied by the overall appearance of the watch and happy with the reasonable price tag, Jack got the Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch from Australia’s premier online watch store at https://www.downunderwatches.com/