Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch

The Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch proffers a simple design, suggestive of the simple lifestyle that was the norm a few decades ago. The thought came to mind as I searched for a simple, everyday watch with as little complications as possible. It was for my father; his old wristwatch had gone to the repairers a week ago.

My father spends most of his time tending to the garden in his backyard. Last week he had a minor accident in the garden and broke his wristwatch as a result. It was an old timepiece in good working condition until the accident. The trusty old watch holds sentimental value to him…it was a birthday gift from my mother. He has given it for repairs since, but I have my doubts as to its repairability. It was a good reason to get him a new watch and the easiest way to do it was to shop online.

An online search for a simple classic styled watch led to, Australia’s premier online watch store. The Nixon Porter Analog Quartz watch displayed at the site ( ) looked a lot similar to my father’s old watch. The design is a simple round stainless steel case with a white dial. Simple stick-like hour and minute hands offer a clarity that shows the time even at a fleeting glance. It was perfect for the old folks – a basic watch that tells the time, just the right kind for my father.

The Nixon brand is known to create fashion watches that are popular with the general consumer. The Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 is powered by a quartz movement. The hour and minute hands are similarly designed. The watch face is a scratch resistant mineral crystal. The simple brown leather strap lends a touch of elegance to this classic timepiece and I sure hoped my father would like it. It was more like a dress watch with a clean design though it is versatile enough to be worn with casuals or even as an everyday watch.   

Nixon A1058-1113-00 has a solid case back and is water resistant up to 50 meters, meaning the occasional water splashes wouldn’t affect it. This was a good thing as my father has this habit of wearing a watch while working in the yard and it would be taking the occasional drenching under the tap.

Overall, the simplistic, lightweight Nixon Porter A1058-1113-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch felt like the right choice for a senior gentleman. The watch arrived within a few days of placing the order. I was relieved that my father liked it. Apparently, his old watch couldn’t be repaired and he was considering a replacement. The Nixon Porter was just the type he would have purchased.