Thomas Earnshaw Watches: New Arrival You’ll Want To Wear…!

An old, English watch making spirit brought back to form through Swiss craftsmanship; Thomas Earnshaw manages to get a nod of approval from watch connoisseurs from all around the globe! Amidst so many homage watch makers today, Thomas Earnshaw strikes a major difference! It doesn’t claim to be associated with the famous English marine chronometer designer in their origin; instead, it proclaims to be inspired and driven by the same philosophy with the pioneering spirit and excellence that once shaped the craftsmanship of Thomas Earnshaw, whose improvements to the transit clock of Royal Greenwich Observatory, London and invention of bimetallic, compensated balance-wheel and chronometer escapement are still objects of discussion in the premium horology circles. Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Sun And Moon Automatic ES-8006-01 Men's WatchThomas Earnshaw Watches are timepieces both for the watch connoisseur and the enthusiast. Their range of watches is broadly divided into two categories – Luxury Budget and Luxury Swiss. However, Swiss here doesn’t ask for a hell lot of money; at the most, it is equivalent to a good, upper-tier Japanese luxury watch, which makes it fit into the mid-tier, entry level category within the $500 range. Take the Beagle as an example.  The Beagle offers a Swiss Made movement housed within its classic looks.  Themed on the works of the great 18th century English horologist, Thomas Earnshaw proves that Swiss quality is possible from Hong Kong. The normal speculation of watch lovers are met more than highly in every Thomas Earnshaw inexpensive, luxury watches. The Swiss designation comes not only from the Swiss movement they use but also from many of the elements of the case made in Switzerland. Apart from that, the final inspections of the Swiss Tomas Earnshaw also occur in Switzerland. It’s the Swiss company Inter T SA that backs up the Swiss badge of Thomas Earnshaw. They are as straightforward as the brand they are supporting and frankly admit that they got started due to the reduced supply of ETA movements that created a gap in the Swiss Made stock movement supply globally. Most importantly, even the hairsprings of the Thomas Earnshaw Swiss come from Switzerland. Whether it’s a Thomas Earnshaw chronograph or a cool and simple skeletonized model, the levels of craftsmanship is impressive, as evident from the bridges, gears, and springs and their arrangements. Thomas Earnshaw watches, beyond doubt, are set to further the science of horology, backed by a drive for excellence. Be it the Longcase or the Longitude, the Thomas Earnshaw watches rightfully claim the spotlight by truly offering a lot more for the price. From the movements to their individual designs and functionalities, every Thomas Earnshaw watch is a spectacular piece of wrist wear that has been perfected down to their respective straps, bracelets and buckles!

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