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Tissot Classic Dream Quartz T033.410.22.053.01 T0334102205301 Men’s Watch


What do you give as a birthday present to a man who is rich?

I still remember wondering about who would buy the one-acre neighbourhood plot. Well, that was about ten years ago. It was purchased by John Arkin “Jo” to everyone, and his lovely wife Emelia Arkin.

My own plot is about half the size. I make around 110-grand a year while Jo, a doctor by profession, easily makes twice that. A Merc and an 4×4 Audi grace their driveway.

Over the years, thankfully, Jo and I have been good neighbours and I’d like to think, good friends too. We attend each other’s barbecue parties and a few times we even been to the games together.

Then out of the blue, couple of days back, Jo and his wife came over and gave me a formal invitation to his birthday party. Seems he was turning 50 and his wife insisted they have a party. Which in turn put me in a quandary; what do I give as a birthday present to this rich guy?

I know he has a collection of watches because I’ve seen him wear different watches. I figure he must have at least 5 or 6 watches if not more.

I Googled around a bit, visited half a dozen sites and in general viewed several “must buy” watches for the rich. While the watches were fine, the price tags were not – they were just out of my league.

While flipping through one webpage after another, I came across the Tissot Classic Dream Quartz T033.410.22.053.01 T0334102205301 Men’s Watch – price tag AUD 301. It’s retail price was AUD 529 but was being offered at AUD 301 here: https://www.downunderwatches.com/product/tissot-classic-dream-quartz-t033-410-22-053-01-t0334102205301-mens-watch/

I dug some more just to make sure the site was genuine and they weren’t selling me something that looked like a Tissot. Turns out my concern unfounded. The site was indeed genuine; had good reviews and every watch was accompanied with a one-year international warranty. This set me at peace.

The Tissot Classic Dream Quartz T033.410.22.053.01 T0334102205301 Men’s Watch was all stainless-steel and had a lovely two-tone stainless-steel bracelet with gold weave in the middle of the bracelet. This gave it a nice rich, expensive feel.

The dial had a kind of light-copper coloured Roman numerals for hour markers. These were set on a black dial. Add same coloured hands and watch looked truly grand. The crystal was flat and the specs indicated it was a Sapphire crystal.

The watch was analog and powered by a quartz movement. It had 300M water resistance so I guess it will withstand more than just the occasional swim or shower.

I decided to buy it because it looked good, looked expensive and more importantly, it was a Swiss watch and made by a brand (Tissot) that guaranteed quality. When the watch arrived and I presented it to Jo, he said “how did you know I was planning to add a Tissot to my collection?”.