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FCUK White Dial Leather Strap Quartz FC1256TG Women’s Watch

Every morning I walk down to my college passing through a busy marketplace. I try to leave home a little early to allow myself the indulgence of window shopping at these colourful stores lining the street. Quite often, they have a collection of items on display – especially the latest models of handbags or apparel and other accessories.  Helps me keep in touch with the latest fashion trends, you see…

Today, as I walked my daily route there was this neat looking watch displayed at the window of the departmental store. It looked beautiful and elegant from a distance. I stopped by to get a closer look at the timepiece. A neat white dial with the minimal of clutter, it looked rich and sophisticated. The small lettering on the dial read “French Connection”.  A tiny price tag showed a figure of $200, which I thought to be a tad expensive. But then, this was a brick-and-mortar store; a high price tag was to be expected.

Online shopping is a great way to make savings on your purchases. I was quite sure it would be cheaper to buy that watch online. And sure enough, checking out a few websites selling watches, the FCUK White Dial Leather Strap Quartz FC1256TG Women’s Watch was selling at a fraction of the store-quoted price.  In fact, it was so cheap I could easily buy it without asking mom to pitch in with the cash.

FCUK White Dial Leather Strap Quartz FC1256TG Women’s Watch has a simple design of a white dial in a gold-tone stainless steel case. Simple black stick markers are highlighted with Arabic numerals. The three gold-toned hands match the case. A brown leather strap adds to the good looks of this very simple timepiece. It is powered by a quartz movement and features a mineral crystal. The watch description says 30m water resistance, but I guess it would be best not to get it wet.

Now for a little about the FCUK brand – FCUK is an acronym for ‘French Connection United Kingdom’. This is a British fashion brand founded in 1972 that creates fashion apparel and accessories. You’ll find a quirky twist in their designs which not everyone can relate to. The FCUK FC1256TG didn’t have any quirks about it, so I guess the brand does make some really nice normal-looking timepieces as well. French Connection watches are designer watches, you may not get extra features other than day/date function or the occasional chronograph. Yet, FCUK watches are robust timepieces that do not cost much, but will do the job of telling the time with accuracy, thanks to their quartz movements. One thing is for sure – French Connection timepieces distinctly add an element of style to your attire. More timepieces are available at https://www.downunderwatches.com .