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Keeping Out the Glare with Stylish Sunglasses

The headaches seemed to be getting worse as the days passed. I attributed it to eye strain caused from sitting long hours staring at the computer screen. My yearly visit to the ophthalmologist was long overdue – the pandemic has taken over our lives and hugely messed with schedules. Working from home, conducting Zoom meetings, making the most of dodgy internet connectivity is the new normal.

For me it has been a year of working from home where I find myself staring at computer screens or mobile phone screens for most part of the day. While there is a good side to working from home, there are a few disadvantages too. Eye strain for one is the common buzzword – the long hours in front of digital screens emitting blue light have taken a toll on eye health.

I do wear prescription glasses though; complete with anti-reflective coating which does protect the eyes to some extent.  Yet the eye strain continues as the day wears on. Going out during the day in bright sunlight is getting more difficult. This couldn’t go on, something had to be done, especially to protect my eyes from the harsh sunlight.

My dad suggested wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses when going outdoors. Oh, yes, that would most likely do the trick. Wonder why I hadn’t thought of it before…

The next course of action was shopping online for some stylish sunglasses. But first I had to do some research on the products available (this involved some more staring at the computer screen). My search threw up several options. Branded sunglasses displayed at this page of Downunderwatches.com https://www.downunderwatches.com/shop/sunglasses/ looked promising. The website displayed Oakley’s and Ray Bans, famous names in the eyewear segment.

I liked two models of sunglasses, namely the Wayfarer Matte Black RB2132-622-55 and the Light Havana Gloss Tortoise RB4147-710-51-60, both from Ray Ban. Both looked awesome but I chose the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Matte Black RB2132-622-55 Unisex Sunglasses mainly because it had a darker lens as compared to the Light Havana Gloss Tortoise’s light brown gradient lens. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Matte Black RB2132-622-55 Unisex Sunglasses featured a full rim acetate rubber frame on scratch resistant gradient glass lenses. I loved the square shaped frame; I think it would suit my face quite well. As is the norm, the glasses offered 100% protection from UV rays.

With 24% discount from the seller, the Ray Ban Wayfarer Matte Black Unisex Sunglasses are well worth the price.  The Ray-Ban Light Havana Gloss Tortoise RB4147-710-51-60 Unisex Sunglasses also looks awesome, but for now though I’ll stick to the Wayfarer Matte Black model. With free and fast express shipping, I guess my sunglasses will arrive in a couple of days.