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Seiko – The Trusted Japanese Watch Brand

Seiko, the world-renowned Japanese watch brand has been known to consistently produce some of the best quality watches since 1881. The term ‘Seiko’ stands for exquisite and the company has kept up with its goal of producing exquisite watches for more than a century. Wrist watches make a personal style statement. Each one of us has our own definition of style but good quality is defined by durability of the watch, which is again identified by the quality of the components. Seiko uses the best quality components and most of their watches are assembled inhouse which says everything about their quality.

Seiko is known for its technological innovations in the watchmaking industry and has been credited with many firsts, making the brand a trendsetter in the horological world. The Seiko brand has maintained a high standard of manufacturing for its watches, posing stiff competition to the Swiss watch industry. Seiko watches are all about precision, accuracy and refinement – elements that are embodied in each and every Seiko timepiece.

Brand Seiko conveys so much trust, reliability and a dedication to perfection that any watch enthusiast will not hesitate to invest in their products. People know exactly what a Seiko watch has to offer and are willing to spend for it although cost is the prime factor in arriving at a decision.

The most popular Seiko 5 collection was launched in 1963 and was an instant hit with the youngsters of the 1960s. With clean lines and contrasting colours, these were easily readable and of course durable timepieces that had an affordable price tag.

Seiko created the world’s first quartz wristwatch the “Astron” in 1969. Quartz watches offered a higher accuracy than mechanical watches and the Astron was deemed as a milestone in electrical engineering. It sparked off a crisis of sorts for the Swiss watchmakers.

Seiko offers an extensive line up of watches in their collections at all price levels. Right from the affordable and the popular Seiko 5, the Prospex Collection, the Presage Collection, the Astron Collection, the Premier and the Solar Collection to the classic Grand Seiko collection at the other end of the price spectrum, each of them offer the consumer a taste of complexity, functionality, durability and elegance.

With Seiko, you will find plenty of models to fit your style and budget. No matter which Seiko model you select, you can rest assured that you will get the best quality, durable and technologically sound timepiece worthy of its price tag. Since online purchase is a great way to see different models and compare prices, we recommend you check out the Seiko collection at Downunder Watches https://www.downunderwatches.com . With more than 500 different models on sale, you’re sure to find the Seiko that fits your style, preference and budget.