The Casio Story

In 1946 Kashio Seisakujo, a Japanese engineer founded the Casio Computer Co. Ltd in Tokyo. The company began by developing the calculator which was introduced to the world in 1954. With continuing improvements, the company created the iconic electronic office calculator for which the brand is famous for. Casio is also credited with creating the digital camera in the 1980s and electronic musical instruments in the 1990s. It is perhaps the reason why Casio is such a recognised brand – we have been seeing it around us for several decades.

Coming to the origins of Casio watches, the brand’s foray into the watch market came in 1974 with the introduction of the Casiotron, a digital quartz watch. In April 1983, Casio gave the world its first shock resistant wristwatch, the G-Shock. Casio’s G-Shock collection is perhaps the most popular, particularly amongst military men, sports enthusiasts and adventurers who love the toughness and durability the G-shock offers. The Casio G-shock has been labelled ” the toughest watch of all time” and “the watch that never breaks”.

After 11 years, in 1994, Casio came out with the Baby-G series of watches for women. Watches from the Baby-G series are also quite popular with the general public and some famous personalities as well. There are a few good reasons why you should have a Casio watch in your collection. Firstly, almost all Casio watches are inexpensive. Starting from as little as $10, there is a Casio watch for every budget. Incidentally, the most expensive Casio model has a price tag upwards of $2000.

Casio watches are quality Japanese timepieces built using the best materials and therefore durable and accurate. There is never any compromise on the quality of a Casio watch despite the low price tag. For the consumer it is a win-win situation – a durable, quality watch that is pocket-friendly and looks great too. In a nutshell, the reasons to own Casio watches are that they are durable, reliable, affordable and fashionable.

When I think of Casio watches, the image that comes to mind is that of a chunky and bulky wristwatch. However, there are a sizable number of Casio watches that have clean and elegant lines, and I was pleasantly surprised to find some really elegant Casio timepieces lined up here at, the Australian online watch store.  The Casio Analog Quartz MTP Series or the Casio Enticer Watch series for Women offer some beautiful and elegant designs for folks looking for classic timepieces.

Casio watches are among the toughest and most durable watches with many high-tech features that you would rarely find in one single timepiece. And, without doubt they are a steal at the price tag making them well worth the cost and a must have accessory in your collection.