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Timex Easy Reader Signature Edition Leather Strap Quartz TW2R65100 Men’s Watch

All of us may not be watch collectors or aficionados but I’m sure each and every one of us needs a watch to keep our routines on schedule. Most of us look for an inexpensive, workhorse type of watch to be worn every day. Some of us may even have a small collection of watches to go with different attire. And this is what the majority of watch brands out there offer the customer – simple, everyday timepieces that don’t cost a fortune. The Timex brand could be categorised as one such brand selling watches at an incredibly affordable price.

The Timex brand started off in 1854 as the Waterbury Watch Company making clocks. The company partnered with the Ingersoll Watch company to produce the Ingersoll Yankee, a watch that was said to “make the dollar famous”. Timex is credited with the making of one of the first wristwatches ever made in 1914. The first of the “Timex” brand watches came out almost a century later in 1950. By then the brand had earned a reputation for creating a durable, affordable watch. The brand’s slogan aptly said ” it takes a licking but keeps on ticking”. The Timex Ironman was launched in 1986 and the model was equipped with their signature Indiglo Night Light in 1992.

Timex has been one of the pioneers of sports watches. Several Timex models use resin as the case material. It is light and durable, suitable for sports watches. Another innovative feature in Timex watches is the Indiglo backlight. This is a form of luminosity where the whole dial is lighted up by pushing the crown for a few seconds.

Timex makes some of the most affordable watches that you could buy. The affordability does not come at the cost of quality – Timex uses the best quality materials and movements that ensure you get a simplistic but durable timepiece at a budget-friendly price. 

With such well-designed pieces displayed at watch stores like DownUnderWatches.com, and of course, the low-price tag, the Timex watch is a popular choice.  I was considering the Timex Easy Reader Signature Edition Leather Strap Quartz TW2R65100 Men’s Watch for my dad. Going on to almost 90 now, his eyesight is not as good as it used to be. He complains about not being able to read his watch easily. I thought this piece would be perfect for my dad with his failing eyesight.

The Timex Easy Reader had big, bold Arabic numerals in gold tone to match the gold tone stainless steel case. The white dial was clean and uncluttered with a date window at 3 o’clock. It also featured the Indiglo backlight. The dark brown leather strap gave a rich feel to the watch. The price was an affordable $108 with a discount from the website.

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