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Armani Exchange Fashion Watches

“Mom, can I have that wrist watch you promised me last month?” My daughter asked when she returned from college yesterday. I’d love to have one of those stylish Armani Exchange watches, she said.

Now, I needed some more information on the brand she was talking about. Was it the same as the famous brand that made stylish clothes?  Do they make watches too? I wondered. Well, thankfully, the internet is a storehouse of information – you could find out about anything under the sun just with the click of the mouse.  So, online research it was; to improve my knowledge about the Armani Exchange brand.

The name Armani Exchange invokes recognition as an Italian style of fashion and why not? The brand was launched by Giorgio Armani in 1991 as a sub-brand to his iconic Armani Label. He was targeting the youngsters, he wanted them to have access to an iconic fashion that did not cost too much. Armani is a world-famous Italian fashion label and its products are in the higher end of the price range. Giorgio Armani wanted the young adults to have a piece of this prestigious brand but at a fraction of the price.

Although Armani Exchange is a leading fashion brand making trendy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, they do not have an exclusive watch manufacturing facility. Armani Exchange watches are designed, developed and manufactured by the Fossil Group.

Armani Exchange products represent the chic culture – trendy and fashionable they appeal to the dress sense of the carefree youth. It therefore was no surprise that my daughter knew very well about the brand and was set upon getting her wrist watch from Armani Exchange.

Since I had a fair idea about what she likes and does not, I went through several websites retailing women’s wrist watches, particularly from Armani Exchange to find a timepiece that would suit her preferences. Armani Exchange watches seemed a tad pricey to me, but then I realised that we were paying for the iconic Armani brand name. Besides, my girl desired the brand and I sure wanted to fulfil her wish.

The Armani Exchange Analog Quartz AX5449 Women’s Watch appeared to be what I was looking for – simple, clean lines spelling an understated elegance. The rose gold tinted stainless steel square dial was a deviation from the usual round case common to ladies’ watches. The rose-gold hands contrasted the silvery white dial and the Armani Exchange logo added a classy look to the watch. The sturdy stainless-steel bracelet with rose gold accents added style to the timepiece.

My daughter loved the AX5449 Women’s Watch which I showed her at https://www.downunderwatches.com . It was a quick transaction and we received the watch within a couple of days. If it’s a dress watch you need to make a style statement, my recommendation is to go for an Armani Exchange timepiece.