The Splendid Look And Enriching Experience Of Orient M-Force Automatic Watches

Orient M-Force AutomaticOrient M-Force Automatic watches gives you the impression of a sort of combination of multiple watches when you buy one. What really sets the M-Force apart is Orient’s use of sapphires (almost a rarity at the price point at which it is offered) besides mineral crystals; dial designs, material quality and colour combinations much, much better than what you get in watches in the class and upgraded hardware like solid links for the bracelet. The movements really need no mention, since Orient has a longstanding goodwill for providing the best in the category and are always on the quest for providing better. There have been many other M-Force models that came up over the years, but the original M-Force is considered a classic even today. Good, ‘first mechanical watches’ for novices and collectibles for veterans, the splendid look and enriching experience of Orient M-Force Automatic watches scratches satisfactorily the itch that compels you to go for a new watch without draining you out of your resources.

The M-Force is the most popular sports line from Orient, combining very attractive, classic and clean styling with automatic movements. The screw-down, often offset, protected pushers confirm its diver status.

The M-Force name, however; stays somewhat shrouded in mystery, though many of the watch forums claim it’s the circular dolphin logo on the rubber strap of the first Orient M-Force that’s responsible. But then again, the M-Force is a large, fast-moving oceanic shark (genus Isurus; especially the Isurus Glaucus of Indo-Pacific and Australian seas) with a deep blue back and white under-parts. Where does this relate?

The dolphin, according to some, resembled more a shark, so the rechristening was M-Force. And the trend of nicknaming of the Orient watch models started. Howe’er, M-Force also means strength (origin is Germanic) and also ‘Child of truth’ in Japanese; the last two seems to be more plausible reasons behind the nomenclature.

Orient uses a total of 52 different movements to power the M-Force – the Caliber 40N5A being the most widely used – exhibiting centre to sub-seconds, days; day and date, hand-winding and hacking facilities. On the other end, it is the Caliber 40N5A; an automatic movement originally introduced for higher end models (the King Master, for example) but found way into the M-Force II. But what really helps to define the Orient M-Force is their in-house creation and robustness.

The splendid look and enriching experience of Orient M-Force Automatic watches are the result of a complete absence of the cheap, jangly feeling so common in low-priced mechanical watches. The M-Force is built good and solid, with thick and well-machined stainless steel forming its components and bringing them to an impeccable finish.

Seiko: Most Interesting Yet Most Overlooked

Seiko WatchesFor those with several thousands of dollars to spare, buying a watch is hardly an issue. The rest of us, at least for once in our lifetime, have faced this problem and to keep things under our grip, often ended up buying something big and blingy of little or no substantial value. Often, the price paid is way more than what it should actually have been, but alas, then you are too late.

You are not to blame. In a world of numerous watch brands, it’s easy to get carried away; more so, when a plethora of jazzy monstrosities are out there. They blur your vision well; so well, that you fail to notice the most obvious choice.

That to say, the Seiko! The Japanese watch company makes watches that are every bit as good as their Swiss counterparts; sturdier and less expensive. For between $500 and $5000, Seiko eliminates soul searching, much hand-wringing and uncritical adulation that often accompanies so many from other globally popular brands. With Seiko, pockets may not once again be emptied, as it used to be in the happy days of yore.

The reason that keeps Seiko Watch out of the leagues of atrociously priced sweet nothings is they understand that marketing alone cannot sell a lot of watches beyond a certain point. For Seiko utilises their brand DNA instead of their brand name. Folderol was never a forte with Seiko; their range of excellent watches for excellent value at every price point is.

One might argue that why Seiko? Despite so many other brands that make more-accurate-than-necessary, high-precision watches? True, Citizen, Breitling, Bulova and quite a few more brands do that, but do they have the repertoire of offerings, from the most basic to the most sophisticated like Seiko? Nay, there ain’t any!
From the self-recharging Kinetic quartz watches to the Spring Drive, Seiko’s roster runs from the most basic to the most classic, stretching to the Grand Seiko luxury-level mechanical watches. They are competent enough to rubs shoulders with Longines, Vacherons and PP; they are very high-end with peerless construction, reliability and finish. Even Philippe Dufour – the God of Movement Finishing – admits it; after that, you really don’t need to rely upon this article to build your faith on the Seiko.

So why do some still shy away from? Simply because it says Seiko and not some other name that poses as Swiss! But then again, this habituation to conventional luxury is kind of a sadomasochistic relationship between luxury brands and those who own them. These are the brands that prevent you from appreciating good watch-making at reasonable price points. You simply cannot deny it – the goodness of the Seiko watches and their representation of astonishing values.

Basics Of Watch-Wearing Or, Is There Anything As Such?

Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Quartz H38541513 Men’s WatchThere’s the lot that loves to live by the rules and there are some who are absolute mavericks, defying conventional wisdom, guidelines and taboos and riding bareback. It’s up to you who you want to follow but let’s face the fact: Mavericks are born and not made! Even if you bring in the question of transformation, you must know that the element must stay present; you can’t turn an absolute homebody into an avid rider moving ahead full throttle, disappearing into the horizon. Watch wearing is kinda same. So, when questions like “…below the wristbone or above it?” or …”above the wrist or under it?” pour in, a lot of factors need to be considered before nailing the answer.

Firstly, questions arise around the type of material. If steel, below the wrist bone is fine with the watch face up; with leather or rubber, it’s not so. People in old photographs are often seen wearing their watches on the underside of the wrist; these are the smaller, thinner varieties that sit well there. But with watches over 40mm? You are surely to be mocked by the fashion conscious crowd.

Then where does the point of being a Maverick apply? Isn’t it they set their own rules? Sure, but oh, even mavericks need to follow some basic rules; like, you can’t ride a bike backwards; neither can you start from zero on an override. It’s like the machine code; you simply can’t override them. Similarly, you can’t wear a gold-toned bracelet with a steel watch in the name of personal style or personal comfort or maybe, a G-Shock with a tux. There are some rules you’ll need to abide by, starting with the size, the colour and the strap type.

Next comes positioning. Ultra tight above the wrist bone near to the forearm or on the underside of the wrist is considered an absolute heresy; neither should it fall off the wrist on the backside of your palm. A good dressing sense (defeating the purpose of allowing people to see it) is not so much a criteria here as much as the safety and security of the watch; that way, it is more prone to get bumped and get scratched. Just an inch above or below the wrist bone – that’s the sweet spot.

The other point you must stress upon is the colour of the band or the strap. Stainless steel goes with anything, but for leather and rubber, the colour must match your belt and your shoes.

And lastly, no digital affair when you are in a suit; neither the all black watch unless you’re in smart casuals; also that a quartz watch with a dead battery is an absolute no-no.

Orient Watch Company has been consistent with delivering an exceptional quality along with stunning looks ever since its beginning in 1950. Over six decades of expertise has bettered their quality, cost and accuracy but more than everything, it’s their reputation for excellence!

This trustworthiness and affordability comes due to the manufacturer putting in the money behind labs and researches, contrary to many other costlier ones spending on advertisements and marketing. The finish and design of the Orient watches exceeds a customer’s needs, demands and their expectations beyond, becoming the best economic diver to a large demographic of users.

The exceptional quality of the stunning Orient watches makes them real lookers on the wrists. If anything exudes class and quality without burning a hole through the pocket, it’s invariably the Orient. They are so impeccably finished, it would be ridiculous to expect anything more out of them. Orient simply makes some brilliant timepieces at incredibly low prices!

Concentrating on the various components of a Orient watch, the dials are visually striking and mostly got a metallic touch producing a rotating shimmer at specific angles. There shall always be a finely engraved (not printed) logo atop the dial and the touch is something more than nice, at this price point. It’s very well executed and gives the watch an exceptional visual quality, or you might just call it – Classy!

Steel or gold or black ion-plated, all come with an extra bit of shine, which also speaks of its quality and a very high level of finish. The hands and indexes almost always come well-lumed (except in some high-end dress models), but even if they are not in a particular model, there’s enough shine to make it stand out and appear exquisite when hit with the lights. That increases visibility for real thin hour, minute and seconds hands. The shine is bright, not overpowering.

The case of the Orient watches have everything about them just right. They look and feel tremendous against the skin or off it; the comfortable heft growing on you right after wearing one for the first time. Brushed, polished and a little bit of both, the Orient Classic Automatic Watches cases mix the finishes very well and they usually stay that way for a lifetime. Every transition to a different surface is seamless.

Atop the case are either sapphire or mineral crystals; now, that varies with the price yet not going over the affordability borderline. They do not get dirty or greasy and catch fingerprints easily; that’s a quality found in costlier watches. Orient gives it without robbing you off.

Finally, the movements. Orient always uses in-house Orient calibers, a very big selling point that Orient has. They build the movement entirely at their own facilities, which helps them develop high-end stuff at a lower price. This reflects on the overall watch price. Orient movements are extremely sturdy, reliable and exceptionally accurate. So, if you are getting an Orient, you are getting a well-engineered solution without paying an insane price.

Orient M-Force AutomaticA higher-end tool watch, the Orient M-Force is often regarded an affordable watch for the serious diver. It will present you with everything you’ll usually find at watches 10 or 20 times its cost. Nobody weeps on one if it breaks and the range has so many amazing products in it, it will make you forget the loss of he previous one. Available for unbelievably low prices, its high quality construction and designs make it hard to believe their low cost.

One of the reasons the M-Force stands out from most is it is an entirely, in-house watch; from the movement and its components to oftentime the exteriors. This puts them among the classy and unique clans. Its another point of uniqueness is its power to withstand mechanical force (‘M-Force’ stands for that) and it shows through their large and chunky constructions.

A prominent feature of the Orient M-Force is its power reserve display. It is important for divers to see the time more than us above water, hence, it helps you to never leave without sufficient turns in the spring. You can take it to scuba diving, even to the rocky reefs! Its made to absorb shocks and quite a great deal of them. On top of that, the anti-magnetic property of the higher-end M-Force watches makes them suitable for places with electro-magnetic radiation.

Orient is using titanium in their Orient Mako Automatic Watches since long and over the years, they strengthened it further. So, stronger yet lighter than stainless steel and far more resistant to corrosion from sea water and acid fumes. M-Force gifted divers with the perfect material they need in water.

The unbending attitude of the M-Force made it popular on the streets. It carries a tough, unyielding image backed by an easily distinguishable, stunning look. Its high quality materials, construction and classy designs make the M-Force quite a fashion-wear, something that goes with sumptuousness.

If you ever dreamt of a less-complicated, large watch fitting comfortably on the wrist, look no further the M-Force. Rugged in appearance, smooth in operations and distinctive in looks, it is also one of t he watches that stayed consistent with the sapphire crystal, giving you back your money’s worth. There’s probably none another timepiece as functional as the M-Force; neither with a construction tough enough nor a shock/magnetic resistance. Sure, you are not going to get digital accuracy, but it’s reliable timekeeping for places where digital accuracy would croak.

The M-Force, in comparison, to many other watches in its category, is a very well-balanced watch where a stunning look and a beautiful design do not charge you all the money. Some of them even go with business clothings without giving out a novelty vibe.

Orient Classic Automatic Mens Watch
Orient Classic Automatic CER1P001G Mens Watch

Orient has a great reputation among watch fans and even the entry level Orient gets a place in a serious watch collection. They are reasonably priced mechanicals, sometimes even with a 99.9907%accuracy! But we are discuss technicality later; let’s focus on the styling and esthetics for now.

For some people, their love for Orient watches in general, is purely aesthetic. It is fact that unless you like the way it looks you are not going to wear it. But Orient does this without compromising on its other aspects. They make every Orient watch wearable and appreciable too. Their nifty features, buttons and functions embrace special artistic designs in bright and bold colors.

Sporty or elegant and formal, the aesthetic stylings of Orient watches can tone down or rev up your appearance, depending on your outfit and style. The size is one important factor here; if you don’t like large and thick, there are slim and mid-sized options. These smaller, slimmer, and executive-styled watches are also built like rocks!

Every Orient – not just the tool watches – is built super tough, to resist shock, pressure and other damaging forces. This makes them capable enough to take the hardships of daily life….even things like beach volleyball or salty water thrashings! In fact, every Orient is built like an excellent, rugged sports watch just varying in functions and looks. Even the Orient Star! No activity is possibly too-demanding for the Orient watches. That’s why it is popular with military personnel and other hazard professionals where it kind of enjoys being a status symbol.Especially, the Orient automatic diver watch; the men find the look and quality just awesome!

Orient’s esthetics are not just skin deep; down under the dial and the case beats an intense example of craftsmanship that drive these amazing watches. They are also built super-tough; even if the case breaks somehow, its heart will keep on beating. Give it a new home and there you are!

So Orient watches are as much fashion as quality, blended together for a superior way to tell the time. While they look quite trendy and chic, they are also immensely hardy and foolproof when you put them into some dirty job. They exhibit recognizable aesthetic stylings and incredible sturdiness at an attractive price without cutting down on its funkiness.

That way, the Blue orient mako fits both sides of fashion; from casual outfits to office-wear. These watches are meant for dive-purposes but aesthetically designed to be worn everywhere. A choice of the pro-scuba divers, you can also use it extensively on the land while playing a round of golf; even baseball, soccer and rugby. And any beach sport, so to say. They are built to withstand salt, sun and sand.

Orient Mako Automatic 200m Diver CEM75001BR Men’s WatchSome love the Orient Mako simply because it’s totally Japanese; some for its in-house movements and some for its affordability, which all boils down to the same thing –
All these people admire high-end technology, exclusivity and inexpensiveness and often with features that turn a boring job fun.

For example, in certain Orient Mako-s, you don’t pull the crown out and turn it to change the date, there’s a push-button to get it done. This comes handy when months have 28, 29 and 31 days, or when you have not worn it for a few days at a stretch.

Among Orient’s utility watches, Mako holds a greater reputation. To be true, Mako is one of the Orient models that are more popular among the mass; among certain circles, Mako is synomyous to Orient. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an entry level or a higher-end Mako; the thing is, Orient Mako is a wonderful introduction to the brand. Seiko’s legendary dive-watch concepts drive the Mako; it is assembled in Japan, in-house and at times chunky enough to knock down the bad guy on the bar counter. A tough guy works better with his tool; you got quite a few options here. All sturdy as hell, a Mako trademark.

Another thing about Mako is its diverse range. All are a cut above the rest, the watches in this extensive range is highly sought after by professionals and collectors alike. They are priced great, look great, work great and fit diverse situations. There are models that go from the poolside to the pool table and some even further – to workplaces and business meets. If the latter two for you by any chance are the outdoors, it’s all the better.

All Orient Mako-s have a few things in common. A high water resistance is the first (200m minimum), so the minimum you can go with an Orient Mako on are surfing, swimming and scuba dives. Scratchproof sapphire crystals are another very common aspect of the Orient automatic watches series.

The Orient Mako watch is built in-house in the sense it’s built within the Orient factory in Japan down to its individual parts, not just the assembling. Each of the components are finished painstakingly to keep mismatches and tackiness miles away and enhance everytime its assured, superlative quality. Maintaining the standards results high accuracy and high durability, even under the most adverse of situations.

The trend continues since the mid-2000 and today, the Orient Mako offers a reliability that puts to shame many other watches higher up in the price ladder. So if you are after an absolute classic that won’t burn your wallet and will keep you smiling for years to come, despite how much abuse you put unto it, you got no better deal than the Orient Mako!

Orient Diver Automatic FEM6500AM9 Mens WatchAffordability or reliability, it’s impossible to beat an Orient diver. The widespread mindset is ‘more, the merrier’ but Orient Diver watches defy that logic, to the point it would give Mr. Spock a brain hemorrhage. But question remains: Which is going to suit you?

You are reading this means you don’t need spoonfeeding. So here are tidbits on some of the most highly demanded Orient Divers. And by Jove, they keep up with demands! Let’s help you choose your piece.

a. Orient Mako: Grew popular during the mid-2000 and is currently the most sought-after Orient series. Mako’s affordability and reliability surpasses far costlier watches in the market today; it’s not its price that made it an absolute classic. There are more takers for Orient Mako among the budding collectors and enthusiasts today all over the world, other than professional scuba divers and sportsmen. That’s because of the Mako’s quintessential nature as a diver’s watch, undeniably stunning, handsome, dashing and sporty. There’s a color to suit your every mood, with the same robust in-house movement (caliber 46943) beating inside. It’s one of Orient’s first movements and a 100 million has already been manufactured. 40 years of reliability ready to go for atleast another 40.

b. Orient Ray: It’s the best alternative for Mako, but no lesser. Its unidirectional bezel, the solid construction, a 200m water resistance and the in-house automatic movement is same as that of the Mako; only that the Mako got Arabic numerals while the Ray features indexes. This makes for easy reading apart from changing esthetic features. The lume in the Ray is fantastic; brightness or longevity, it plain rocks!

c. M-FORCE: A sports watch per se, it’s around since 1997 and ‘M’ here stands for mechanical. That makes it a mechanical watch, expressing forcefulness. However, the new M-FORCE has a newly developed, better mechanical movement with the diver watch properties inherited from its predecessors. Marked by a smart and rugged design, it is an ideal tool for scuba diving as much as rock climbing and certified with ISO standards. Superb design, a high functionality – it doubles up as an ideal daily wear too. There is also a limited edition to it – the Orient x STI M-Force 200m, introduced as a symbol of Orient’s pathronage to Subaru Tecnica International Inc. It has carbon fibre as one of its building materials; meets ISO standards (water resistance, shock resistance and anti-magnetism) and runs on a self-/hand-winding, seconds-hacking automatic movement, this one’s also built in-house.

d. Pro Saturation: Based on the classic saturation diver, this 2013 watches diver blend style with utility. Its distinct quality speaks from the 40N5A caliber in-house movement as much as from its solid stainless steel construction. And this might delight you: Unlike many of the automatic watches from Orient, this one allows hand-winding and hacking.

e. ORIENT ORCA: These form the Orient CEM76 series and a new intro to the Orient Divers Collection. Made for recreational water sports and casual wearing, it’s a distinctive watch with a comfortable weight and a very high readability.

Orient star automatic WatchesAs a rookie watch enthusiast, it is not very rare coming across watches that look magnificent but the name somehow puts you off. It’s not a name you can associate with those you have heard, so don’t allow a good piece slip away due to sheer ignorance.

To cite one such brand: It’s Orient. It’s not possible you been to the the watch world and never heard of Seiko; so Orient is owned by Seiko Epson despite operating as a separate watch building unit. Orient’s watch movements are mostly in-house i.e. built by Orient itself and the lion’s share of their focus goes to automatic, mechanical watches, most of which are not hand-wound. You shake the watch a few times to start it from a dead stop and when you wear every couple of minutes store enough power to make the watch run for about two hours. The best are those sold exclusively in the Japan Domestic Market and are hard to find elsewhere.

Over the years, Orient has built up a status that conjures up everything that’s best within an affordable price range. Compared to a Swiss watchmaker, Orient’s automatic watches like the Orient Automatic GMT, or the Orient Star Classic Mechanical cost less than a-tenth while exuding almost the same quality; oftentimes, a higher reliability and always – a better durability!
All that give Orient auomatic watches a worldwide respect and a name that seasoned watch collectors run after. The brand’s automatic timepieces are acclaimed globally for the superior styles and excellent values they offer for a reasonable price. It does two things – It makes the heart go a little less deader if you somehow manage to shatter the timepiece and lets you use it more often than you would a Suisse. That goes for anything between the simple Orient Mako Automatic and the Orient Automatic Nobel Collection pieces. Imagine the price you would pay for watches like the Orient Automatic Arena or the Orient Semi Skeleton Power Reserve Automatic if they were Swiss made.

Here’s how Orient started. One thing that’s astonishing is the company’s initial business as sellers of clocks and watches at Ueno in 1901. 50 years later, in 1951, the company introduced the Orient Star, its first wristwatch; now reincarnated as the Orient star automatic Watches, the company’s top-line timepieces. These run on a 21-jewel automatic movement and features extra protection with its Dia-shock shock absorbing system. Seiko licenses it, if that assures you more. For other 21-jewel movement based automatic timepieces from Orient, see here.

However, their consecutive releases broadened horizons over time and their lineup is now heavily influenced by high-end watch concepts, both modern and from yore. Their 50 years of watch selling experience to thank, making proper use of high-quality materials and classic design concepts is something Orient has excelled. To sum it up all: It’s quality craftsmanship, fine materials, precious metals, gems and crystals – all in one package.

Orient Star Mens WatchAmongst quite a few highly sought, elegant watches in today’s world, the Orient Star is one. But that doesn’t say anything about it; in fact, it is very difficult to express in words what an Orient Star actually is; you need to lay your hands on one to realize why watch nerds the world over go gaga on them.

First unleashed in 1951, this is the most distinguished brand from Orient Watches, all mechanical, all simple but with exquisite styles worthy of its stellar connotation. The lineup is diverse, the technology solid and designs that reflect the care given to every detail and aspect. That applies especially to the Vintage Skeleton Limited Edition, which even surpasses other Orient Star models from all the eight categories. However, there are just 1000 pieces of the LE available worldwide and if you have any fascination for gold-colored movements; go for it.

If you know about the other models, here is a brief account for each:

* STAR SKELETON: The flagship model of the Star collection, it’s a highly precise, hand-winding, hackable movement that runs the Orient star watch. An exquisite dual-layer structure that allows a view of the mechanism inside, it stores 50 hours worth of power once fully wound.

* GMT: The same Star but featuring a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) movement and displaying the official time for three different locations. It is highly functional and substantial for executives traveling frequently.

* RETROGRADE: The heritage of mechanicals and the sophistication of a newly added day indicator that goes back to the start from the end.

* SOMÈS x ORIENTSTAR: The semi-skeleton design puts in bridle leather from SOMES SADDLE, the one and only manufacturer of equestrian sports equipment in Japan. The leather strap is coated with wax to make it durable, soft and to prevent aging.

* OPEN HEART-TONNEAU: Another semi-skeleton model, its refinement in design and technology.

* OPEN HEART: Meant for adding the elegant touch to both casual and formal attire. The gleaming, partly cut dial combines maturity and playfulness in even proportions. A classic in a simple, clear-cut form.

* Orient Classic Automatic : Elegant, domed-dial under a box crystal glass; if you are looking forward to refined quality, nothing offers more. A highly versatile design that bewitches right away under any situation.

* STANDARD-DATE: This comes with a super anti-reflective coating and reduces light reflecting from the dial by 99%. It has been applied on both sides of the sapphire crystal glass and the SAR is also a big protection from scratches, stains and poor visibility.

Unable to decide which one you want? Let our experts guide you towards the right choice. You’ll love it and we will love it, too.

Orient Mako Automatic WatchThe stunning looks and exceptional design of the Orient Blue Mako Mens Watch make it one of the most highly recommended and well liked watches. Although it is a diver’s watch, the dazzling blue color of the watch dial just stands out and makes it a classy accessory that goes equally well with dressy attire.

The dazzling blue dial of the Orient Blue Mako has everything to do with its stunning looks. It is basically a simple three hands dive watch that also shows the day and date at the 3 o’clock position. The 41mm case is neither too big nor too small – just the right size. It sports a matching dark blue unidirectional bezel with a coin-like edge. The hour and minute hands are in the shape of a sword while the seconds hand has a red colored tip that stands out among the white markers and stunning blue dial.

An exceptionally designed Blue Mako Mens’ watch is made of a tough, polished stainless steel case material while the face is covered with a mineral crystal. This, we admit is not the toughest, scratch proof material for a dive watch expected to be subjected to rough use. But then, the Orient Blue Mako looks more like a dress watch, although it is water resistant up to 200m depth.

Fluorescent paint adorns the markers and the hands. While this may work great in bright light, the luminescence does not last very long at night. A visually attractive striking blue dial with white markers and hands give a great deal of clarity to the Orient Blue Mako Mens watch, without being overbearing or garish.

An Orient automatic movement powers the Blue Orient Mako. Accurate timekeeping is one of the features of Orient watches and the Blue Mako lives up to the expectation. Orient of Japan makes all the watch movements in-house, enabling them to keep a strict control over the quality of the watch parts. Since it is an automatic watch, all you need do is wear it regularly to keep it charged up for action. However, there is no facility for winding the watch should it stop working. But, if you simply move your wrist, the watch will begin working to show the correct time.

Stunning looks and an exceptional design are carried forward to the bracelet of the Orient Blue Mako Mens watch. The bracelet and clasp are well made with stainless steel brushed top and bottom with polished edges. It is a sturdy bracelet that can withstand rough use.

However, the best part is that the Orient Mako Automatic Men’s watch is extremely affordable. It is priced below $150 and for the features and stunning looks, we would say it is a highly reasonable price; you certainly get your money’s worth. The Orient Blue Mako has companion models which come in orange, black, red and a yellow dial. All these and more are found at

Orient Mako Automatic Diver watchesOrient of Japan is a well known name in the watch world not only for their quality products but also for their ability to cut out costs in order to create a respectable and affordable timepiece. The Orient Mako Automatic watch is the perfect introduction to the company’s brand image. Indeed, the appeal of Orient Mako automatic watches lies in their affordable price range, not to mention their classic good looks.

Orient Mako automatic watches, not surprisingly, have a great reputation among watch lovers. Orient is one of the few watch companies that creates and designs all their timepieces in-house. So, what you get is a finely crafted watch that does more than its job of telling you the time. It is no doubt an elegant watch that is sturdy, handsome but costs a fraction of the price of others in its league. At, you can get this watch and many other models at competitive prices.

Orient Mako Automatic Diver watches have a clean and neat look. The dial is extremely legible and with luminous markers and hands, it is easy to tell the time even in weak lighting conditions. The red-tipped seconds hand gives this watch a classic appeal. Orient Mako automatic watches come in different colors, namely blue, black, orange, yellow and a combination of blue and red.

Since the Orient Mako is an automatic watch, it does not need manual rewinding. The watch winds itself with the movement of your arm. The classic appeal of an Orient Mako automatic watch also lies in the fact that it does not require batteries and is thus environmentally friendly and easy on maintenance. However, as far as the timekeeping accuracy of this watch is concerned, it may lose or gain up to 20 seconds per day although the actual averages out to about 5 seconds per day.

The Blue orient mako watches can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 200 meters making it an excellent dive watch. It is a durable watch; the face is made of mineral crystal with a steel bezel and a strong steel case. The bracelet is made up of steel links, giving the watch its classic appeal. It is also available with a rubber strap.

Brushed and polished surfaces of the 40mm watch case give the Orient Mako an elegant and stylish look. All Orient mako watches have a day and date feature. A screw-down crown at the 3 o’clock position allows you to adjust the time as well as date. Another pusher at the 2 o’clock position adjusts the day.

Orient Mako automatic watches although not dressy exude a stylish, classic appeal. And, another advantage is that it is an inexpensive watch that can be worn for all occasions. If you are looking for a high quality watch for everyday use, or want to gift it to someone special, the range of Orient Mako automatic watches are a great choice.