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Ratio Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic 1068HA96-34VA-BLU Men’s Watch

My wife Anne came home the other day eyes shining, all excited and placed a small box in front of me. Go on open it, she said. I did so and found a beautiful dive watch. It was the Ratio Free Diver Helium Safe Men’s watch.

As a marine biologist, I spend much of my hours in the salty waters of the deep blue sea. Most of the times it is research around the shallow waters but occasionally it is deep sea diving as well. A dive watch is an essential part of my work gear and I also own a professional dive watch which accompanies me in the waters. Anne thought I should have one more dive watch and so here it was, the Ratio Free Diver Helium-Safe Sapphire Automatic 1068HA96-34-VA-BLU Men’s Watch.

The Ratio is not a known brand, I had not heard much about it. Anne had picked up the piece because she liked the overall look. Amazing how folks who don’t even go near water are fascinated by dive watches. Perhaps it is due to the rugged good looks of these tool-like pieces or that they are so much in the limelight with their pictures plastered all over the media. Whatever the reason, but there’s no denying that dive watches are an extremely popular choice.

There is a wonderful collection of Ratio watches on display here at: https://www.downunderwatches.com/shop/ratio/ . These are extremely well-built dive watches with just the right features useful to a professional diver.

I wouldn’t call the Ratio Free Diver a beautiful watch although the simple and clean lines are quite appealing. Another plus point in its favour is the lack of imitation of design traits of other iconic dive watches. I doubt you’d find any watches similar to the Ratio Free Diver – they seem to be one-of-a- kind designs.

Not many dive watches feature the helium safe valve and those that do, cost several times more. 1000m water resistance, a strong luminosity which is a must in murky deep waters, a sapphire glass to protect from hard impacts and a dependable Japanese automatic movement make the Ratio Free Diver an affordable option for a dive watch.

The best part about Ratio brand is that it has manged to strike a good balance between price and quality. Watches with similar features from other brands costing several thousand dollars are rarely affordable to us mere mortals. Ratio dispels these concepts with their affordable price range.

The only negative about this watch (if you could call it that) is that it is not a known brand. It however is a rather dependable, affordable and easily replaceable tool watch that does the job admirably.

My wife had made a good choice in picking up the Ratio Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic 1068HA96-34VA-BLU. Check out more options at https://www.downunderwatches.com/